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Our Vision

Plants + people = happiness. That just about sums it up! We believe that connecting people with each other, and with nature, is one of the best ways of increasing wellbeing. So, in 2022 we set about designing a plant shop that doubles as a unique indoor green space that could be used in a variety of ways by a variety of people. As well as selling plants, nature-themed crafts and household refills we host workshops and groups to combat social isolation and uplift our community. In 2023 we expanded and added a wonderful plant-based cafe to our offering - click on 'cafe' to find out more!


Botany plants lately?


Mon   9.30 to 4.00
Tue     9.30 to 4.00
Wed   9.30 to 4.00
CLOSED (Workshops)
Fri      9.30 to 4.00
Sat     9.30 to 4.00

               Sun CLOSED (Workshops)

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